House of Catford

Casslee Lead by Catford Dog


Catford Dogs take their name from the greyhound stadium that once stood between the two commuter lines in Catford.

While their leads take their names from local streets, the bright, bold colours are inspired by the greyhound racing jackets worn by the dogs during races.

Apparently there’s just one Casslee Road in the whole of the UK and it’s in Catford. We hope you agree that our vibrant yellow lead is as pleasing and unique as its name!

Super-strong and hardwearing nylon dog lead made up of an interior core and outer woven sheath. Perfect for walks, strolls or runs with your well-behaved or not-so-well-behaved hound!

- Colour: lemon and cobalt

- 132cm length

- Extra-thick 12mm diameter

- Stainless steel clip

- Fine weave for a comfortable grip

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