The Science of Scents

We're very excited to announce the long awaited launch of our new scent range and that got us thinking, why do certain smells bring up emotions and feelings, while others don't?

We're not scientists at House of Catford so we won't get too technical but, it turns out that there's a reason that scents evoke such strong memories for us - and it is down to both biology and chemistry. 

Smell is the only sense that is processed through your olfactory bulb, which is a structure that begins inside your nose and runs along the bottom of your brain, transmitting smell information. So when you smell something familiar, your sensory neurons light up and process emotions and memories. As previously mentioned, the senses of touch, taste and hearing don’t pass through this area, which is probably the main reason why scents are so powerful at triggering emotions and memories!

Our new range features beautiful blends of Bergamot & Tuberose, Bergamot & Vanilla, Wild Mint & White Tea, Violet & Vetiver, and Rose & Sandlewood. 

Just like freshly cut grass, clean linen or your favourite perfume, our candles have the power to bring you right back to special moments in time, what will you try first?