Strawberry & Catnip Jam

Lots of you have been asking about our exclusive collaboration with @peckhampreserves so, we're giving you the lowdown on our exquisite Strawberry & Catnip Jam!

This flavour was inspired by the crafty folks at @catfordgin who, if you didn't know, produce a unique and aromatic gin flavoured with nepeta cataria otherwise known as catnip.

This unusual and often overlooked botanical is a member of the mint family but unlike peppermint and spearmint, which you'll be most familiar with, catnip doesn't actually have a mintly flavour at all.

Instead, it produces a delicate earthy armona, with hints of citrus. This lemony undertone pairs beautifully with the intense, ripe strawberries used in our jam cutting through the sweetness with a gentle acidity!

Don't forget that this range is only available in store, and once it's gone it's gone!